Someone has paid an eye-popping 200 Ether ($553,064) in gas fees in order to mint 1,000 non-fungible tokens from the red-hot Tubby Cats collection.


Overall, it cost 300 Ether ($785,640) in order to mint 1,000 tokens.

The project has become the talk of the town within the sprawling NFT community. On Feb. 22, Tubby Cats became the number one project on flagship NFT marketplace OpenSea by trading volume.

The 48-hour whitelist mint for the project kicked off on Monday. The rest of the tokens became accessible to the public.

Twitter user 0xngmi calculated gas prices and their associated cost per one token.

At press time, the project’s “price floor” currently stands at 0.48 ETH ($1,291).

The Tubby Cats collection, which consists of 20,000, currently has 10,238 unique holders.

Recently, these cute feline creatures have become the new darlings of NFT Twitter, providing some much-needed escapism amid the ongoing cryptocurrency correction.

The project uses the “progressive reveal system,” which prevents NFT creators from snapping up the rarest items for themselves at significantly lower prices. As the name suggests, the “tubbies” are being progressively revealed during the minting process in batches that consist of 1,000 collection items.

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