According to a recent tweet published by WhaleStats, a service that aggregates data on the top list of investors on various crypto platforms, canine crypto number two (and the second largest by market capitalization value), Shiba Inu, has seen a rise in the number of holders over the past few days.


Now, the amount of SHIB investors has surpassed 1.185 million.

SHIB holder count spikes

As per the data provider mentioned above, the number of SHIB owners has increased to 1,185,135 wallets. Three days ago, on Feb. 18, this figure totaled 1,180,140.

The tweet also says that now the largest 1,000 ETH wallets own 13,845,082,253,056 SHIB tokens—the equivalent of $2,291,902,599.

However, a detailed look at the WhaleStats site shows that by the time of writing, the sum of SHIB stored by the largest ETH wallet owners is worth $1,281,204,323; that is 14.96% of their crypto holdings. The average sum in SHIB stored in these wallets is 54,116,442,548 tokens.

FTX Token stands ahead of SHIB as the token with the biggest USD value. The Ether wallets are holding $1,350,883,037 in FTT—that amounts to 15.78% of their portfolios. The average amount of FTT held by the largest 1,000 ETH wallets is 34.289 million tokens.

SHIB, FTT, MATIC, LINK are among ETH whales’ holdings

Another tweet published by WhaleStats shows that aside from SHIB and FTT, ETH wallets hold large sums of MANA, MATIC and LINK tokens.

The top 1,000 investors focused on the second largest crypto, Ethereum, also hold $279,165,163 worth of MANA, $176,091,813 in MATIC and an equivalent of $161,532,342 in LINK.

The WhaleStats website shows that MANA, LINK, FTT and MATIC are on the top 10 list of the most purchased assets by the whales.

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