Data provided by the analytics platform Bithomp that works with XRP transactions, over the past eighteen days, Ripple distributed ledger tech provider has shifted 33,805,080 XRP to the major digital exchange Huobi.


One third of Ripple’s 100 million XRP shifted to Huobi

This amount of crypto equals to $38,790,225. The size of weekly transactions has been changing since September 29, when Ripple allocated a whopping 100 million XRP lump to be sent to Huobi in regular transfers – it started as 1,542,780 XRP, continued as 2,309,580. So far, Ripple is moving 1,911,150 XRP lumps to Huobi.

Image via Bithomp

The exchange has recently announced its withdrawal from mainland China and by December 31 it plans to stop crypto trading against CNY.

XRP becomes number one choice for UK retail investors

At the time of writing, the sixth largest cryptocurrency, XRP, is changing hands at $1.15, showing a mild rise of 2.54 percent, as per the data provided by CoinMarketCap.

As reported by U.Today earlier, a recent report by a leading trading platform eToro stated that the majority of retail crypto investors in the UK now prefer XRP as their top asset. Cardano’s ADA is the second favorite.

Ripple Labs has recently joined the Digital Pound Foundation to help UK authorities work the CBDC they are developing – digital pound sterling.

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