Prominent Bitcoin critic, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and chairman of SchiffGold, Peter Schiff has responded to the tweet of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the possible arrival of hyperinflation in the US soon.


“Only “real assets” can protect from hyperinflation”

On October 23, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took to Twitter to share his take on the current economic situation in the USA resulting from the lockdown of the economy in 2020 and constant money printing that has been performed since then to help the US population survive the pandemic.

Dorsey tweeted that hyperinflation is coming, it will first happen in the US and then in the rest of the world.

Schiff tweeted in response that Bitcoin is unlikely to be any good if the hyperinflation arrives. It is “real assets” that can help survive it, he claims. Schiff added that gold qualifies as a real asset and Bitcoin does not.

“Bitcoin is an “imaginary friend”

In another comment in the thread, Schiff compared Bitcoin to imaginary friends that children sometimes have, calling Bitcoin a “make believe asset” and saying that the concept of an imaginary friends works here but adapted for adults.

Besides, he again reminded Bitcoin lovers about various ways of utilizing gold in various industries, saying that Bitcoin cannot beat the “shiny metal” here.

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