The grant is set to support the well-known non-profit in developing a next-gen privacy-focused messaging application. It replaces a centralized server with peer-to-peer infrastructure and, therefore, does not store user messages and data.


Berty Foundation receives $1 million in Nodle Cash from Nodle

According to a press release shared with U.Today, Nodle Network, a decentralized privacy-by-default messaging protocol, shares the name of the recipient of its $1 million grant.

Image by Nodle Network

This massive funding will be received by Berty Foundation, a French-based nonprofit that addresses the sphere of server-less encrypted messaging.

Berty’s own communication protocol will boast numerous instruments, including privacy-focused groups, messaging apps and social networks. Berty will collect only necessary metadata, so it minimizes “data harvesting.”

Micha Benoliel, CEO and co-founder of Nodle, stresses the importance of this funding for the entire Web3 segment and its technological progress:

We are thrilled to help and support the Berty Foundation to advance its privacy-first communication protocol. Privacy is at the heart of the Web 3.0 revolution and one of the core values of Nodle.

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In their statement, Berty Foundation representatives added that, with fresh funding, they will be able to boost research and development to accomplish all milestones mentioned in their roadmap:

Thanks to Nodle for their trust, this donation represents a real breakthrough for Berty. It will allow us to move forward more quickly on our new decentralized secure messaging protocol and the ability to communicate even without an Internet connection. More importantly, it will help secure the future of our organization.

The entire sum of the grant will be transferred to the Berty Foundation in Nodle Cash through its patented Nodle App wallet.

Nodle Network develops a protocol for IoT based on Bluetooth Low Energy standard (BLE).

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