Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk shared another opinion on Bitcoin (BTC), and the Cryptoverse had counterarguments and lots of pictures.

This time, Musk was skeptical that an average person can run a Bitcoin node.


He expressed this doubt during the much-anticipated conversation on Bitcoin between Musk, Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood, and Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

And now, the “average persons” of the Cryptoverse have turned to show Musk just how simple, according to them, it is.

“Average person running a Bitcoin node here, participating to secure your Bitcoin too, elonmusk. You’re welcome dude!,” wrote ‘PatriceBTC’.

A number of people have posted pictures of their nodes, stating that running it is “ridiculously easy.” Per Philosophy professor at the University of Wyoming, Bradley Rettler, “running a node is so easy even a humanities department can do it.”

Many have apparently DIY-ed their setups or adapted them on their own, further working on making them more efficient.

Others also claim that they’ve got little to none technical knowledge, and that they work in altogether completely Bitcoin-unrelated professions.

Hey @elonmusk I’m a dentist with no coding knowledge and running a #Bitcoin node… pretty simple thanks to @getumbrel https://t.co/ElSgZsjlSO

— BTC endo (@TyatKU)

While some suggested that Musk’s statement was short-sighted.

Elon saying the average person won’t run a node will age like someone saying the average person won’t have their ow… https://t.co/z1knZgsfC7

— Matt (@matt19015436)

And here is a collection of some of the nodes people shared today:

Source: Twitter/_elevens_


Source: Twitter/BitcoinLefty


Source: Twitter/BoilerBitRoom


Source: Twitter/BoroGhor


Source: Twitter/btcnor


Source: Twitter/cryptog39923792


Source: Twitter/ErinEMalone


Source: Twitter/FolterAlexander


Source: Twitter/Goldi708


Source: Twitter/JakobAbf


Source: Twitter/K0gen


Source: Twitter/kastlcity07


Source: Twitter/lucascav0729


Source: Twitter/moon33_blue


Source: Twitter/Raverrevolution


Source: Twitter/refazi


Source: Twitter/rosevdh69


Source: Twitter/SatoshiSarah


Source: Twitter/stackbitme


Source: Twitter/Ts00P


Source: Twitter/tylerbuchea


Source: Twitter/Urbion5


Another idea Musk expressed in this conversation is to “put a bitcoin node in SpaceX Starlink terminals, so that way more people would be running bitcoin,” which he said he has discussed with his team already.

Running a Bitcoin node is important if you want to trust that your Bitcoin transactions are being correctly verified and processed. All who run nodes are actively working to secure the Bitcoin network. They are also running their own banks, as well as gaining deeper knowledge regarding the inners workings of the Bitcoin blockchain.

There is a general perception that setting up a full node is difficult, but as Cryptonews.com reported, it’s not that hard at all. People can do it by themselves, or buy and plug and play device, as a number of companies are offering solutions now – and follow several steps to setting up a full node. ____

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