• Bitcoin salary would be paid to willing American politicians
  • Francis Suarez has expressed his willingness to receive his next paycheck in 100% Bitcoin
  • Several industry leaders like Coinbase, and Strike are offering their expertise to Suarez
  • Suarez also suggested that Americans should pay taxes in crypto, and the government should hodl BTC in its treasury

Bitcoin has gained mainstream attraction across the globe, still many hesitates to use the asset for payments. It is incredible to observe that nowadays several sportsmen are receiving their salary in Bitcoins. Simultaneously, some politicians are also willing to receive their stipend in the form of digital currency. Earlier in november, Anthony Pompliano, an investment expert and business show host asked which American politician would be the first to take their salary in BTC. Following the question, Francis Suarez, the Mayor of the Miami City expressed his willingness.


American politicians want Bitcoin salary

During Pompliano’s episode, the investment executive interviewed Francis Suarez and Jack Mallers, the Strike CEO. The interview focused on learning more about getting paid in the flagship crypto asset. Later, Suarez tweeted earlier this month that he is going to take his next paycheck 100% in Bitcoin. Moreover, to do so, Suarez asked for help, and several industry leaders like Coinbase, and Strike are offering their expertise.

BTC as a new way of saving money

In the interview both the interviewees noted that Bitcoin would serve as an inflationary hedge. Simultaneously, they also considered that the leading digital asset could become a new way of saving. Following the rising real estate price, Mallers explained that if we are not getting a 25% rise every single year, housing is getting more expensive than our earnings. Hence, such a scenario shows that we are not progressing towards owning a house. Simultaneously, Maller also highlighted Strike’s feature that allows users to be paid fully or partially in BTC.

Following Maller’s statement, Suarez underscored that individuals that don’t like the concept of Bitcoin for any reason they talk about volatility. Besides the volatile nature of the asset, critics should see the year over year gains which is indeed crazy. According to Suarez, people talk about one thing without the other, which is a more relevant statistic.

Americans should pay tax in BTC

Besides the positive side of Bitcoin, Suarez also suggested that Americans should pay taxes in crypto. Simultaneously, the US government should hold the coin designed by Satoshi Nakamoto in its balance sheet. However, following the adoption of BTC and inflation, Suarez claimed that the asset could be an important hedge and it’s becoming the base currency for several.

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