The Flare Atlas “oracle” service for Spark (FLR) tokenholders has unveiled its extended list of “data providers” that are going to join Flare (FLR) validation processes in mainnet.


Fifteen “data providers” of Flare (FLR)

According to the announcement shared by the Flare Atlas team on Twitter, the full list of “data providers” on the much-anticipated Flare (FLR) blockchain now comprises 15 services.

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Mostly, Flare-specific platforms are mentioned in this list. Flare FTSO, FTSO.AU,, FTSO Dev, FTSO EU, FTSO Finance, FTSO UK, FTSO US and FTSO GG services are among the pioneers of Flare (FLR) infrastructure.

Also, the Bitrue (BTR) cryptocurrency exchange that is popular among XRP holders will provide data for the Flare (FLR) blockchain. Towo Labs XRPL-focused developers are onboard as well.

GalaGames is the most unusual team on the list: it is an NFT startup that will run a dedicated node within the Flare (FLR) ecosystem. It will serve for blockchain-based gaming use cases.

Flare (FLR) to introduce proof of work (PoW) 2.0?

DeFi Oracles multi-platform ecosystem, as well as Scandinodes validation dashboard, are also included in this list.

Meanwhile, amidst a new round of discussions about the environmental footprint of crypto mining triggered by Elon Musk, the Flare Networks team has taken to Twitter to clarify its position.

Its representatives stressed that integration with Flare (FLR) will make proof of work (PoW) cryptos more energy-efficient than ever before. By press time, Flare (FLR) integrated two PoW-based cryptocurrencies: Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

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