Without a doubt, April was the month for



in terms of the value of the currency. Prior to the end of the month, EOS managed to reach an all time high, being the first of the major


to breach the peak it had obtained back at the start of 2018. As April came to a close, the value of EOS accelerated, both into and out of the mid-April market surge which saw a number of currencies sky rocket and peak at the values we see at present. EOS however seemed to reap the most benefits from this surge, moving well past it’s previous height of $18.16, right up to $20.87. The new peak of EOS did prove to be a little bit slippery as since the end of April, EOS has not yet managed to sustain a value of over $20.00 just yet. Importantly, we should consider that in the wake of this peak, EOS did see a huge correction take place, moving the value of EOS down to $16.46 as recorded on the 1st of May, just one day after the $20.87 recorded value. Since then, EOS has maintained a very unstable trajectory which did begin to spark fears about the value of the currency? Was the April performance just the result of a blip or a sheer coincidence? As May continued, we have seen EOS move between values of $16.00 and $18.00, showing very little signs that it may eventually move back towards $20.00, even during a positive bank holiday weekend for cryptocurrencies. This slip however, now finally looks to be spec in the distance for EOS. At the time of writing it is valued at $18.71, up 5.51%. With this in mind, what’s next for EOS? Hopefully, what we see now indicates that EOS is due to continue to move back up to $20.00. At this point I will highlight that even at its current value, EOS is still continuing to outperform its neighbours and rival cryptocurrencies. By maintaining a value of around $17.00 over the past few weeks, we can now argue that EOS has made a full recovery since the


boom. Hopefully, due to this, we won’t see any values for EOS below $15.00 any time soon. If another market surge begins to take hold, we could very well see EOS meet $25.00 plus, giving the already great reputation for EOS a huge boost. For now, with the $20.00 very much in sight, further movements around its current values will see EOS continue to outperform and continue to impress. Note that this is not investment advice and just as it seems EOS could easily shoot up, EOS could likewise, shoot down. We’re not in clear waters just yet, and overall, EOS may very well approach some new barriers soon. Our advice – keep an eye on this currency, as it continues to crawl forward, we could see some really exciting things happen with EOS, don’t forget however that even with optimism in mind, this could still be a very volatile cryptocurrency.

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