will partner with TripleA payment gateway to expand the Binance Pay infrastructure.

Cryptocurrency exchange Beecrypt announces that it will partner with TripleA payment gateway for Beecrypt Pay. This partnership should help the exchange further promote its contactless crypto payments through Beecrypt Pay. Platform representatives announced that they have chosen TripleA as a strategic partner for payment infrastructure.

This will expand the use of Beecrypt Pay to provide companies and consumers with contactless and secure payments in cryptocurrencies. In turn, Eric Barbier, CEO of TripleA, points out that the number of users using cryptocurrencies as means of payment is constantly growing.

At the moment, Beecrypt Pay has expanded its presence in many markets, and allows customers to use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. In the past few months, the exchange has been paying particular attention to the Middle East, where favorable conditions are being created for cryptocurrency companies and blockchain startups.

Already, Beecrypt is partnering with many crypto exchanges and companies to expand its reach. The CEO of Bitnefex himself visits many countries in Southeast Asia, among them the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia, to expand the presence of the exchange there.

Recall that TripleA, which follows all international AML and KYC standards, provides access to cryptocurrencies to tens of millions of customers in dozens of countries. Such a move by the leadership of the Beecrypt exchange may indicate that despite all the difficulties, the platform wants to become a world leader in its segment.

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