The Twitter account of a major SHIB burner has boasted burning slightly over 324 million Shiba Inu tokens so far this month, apparently planning to destroy more while February continues.


$8,573 worth of SHIB burned

Twitter account @317_key, which represents Travis Johnson’s SHIB burn games, has spread the word that so far in February, the overall amount of 324,611,889 SHIB has been moved to a dead Shiba Inu address; that is the equivalent of $8,573.

This amount of canine tokens was destroyed by Feb. 19, and the cash earned for buying SHIB that were burned later came from three sources, according to the company’s website. That was daily advertising revenue made by the Bricks Buster and Candy Trips mobile games.

The ad revenue came in portions of $7,830 and $743, correspondingly. Those sums bought 295,137,580 and 28,006,030 SHIB tokens.

37.7 million burned in one day

A third game was also mentioned there, ZOMBIE ASSASIN, but it has so far earned the company as little as $48 in February: 1,808,590 Shiba Inu.

In an earlier tweet, the company promised to release a new product on the website that would also help to burn more SHIB.

On Feb. 17, the company burned 37,707,390 within a single day—$1,000 worth of the meme token.

Image via shibsuperstore

31.5 million SHIB gone in past four days

One more SHIB burning team, represented on Twitter as @Shibburn, has shared that in the past four days, various members of the SHIB Army have locked a comprised 31.46 million tokens. The data on the burned tokens on their website is duplicated from the etherscan crypto tracker for ETH-based tokens.

The largest single SHIB transfer to a dead wallet was 14,318,442 tokens, made on Feb. 18—Friday. A day before that, someone burned 111,111,111 SHIB in a single transfer too.

SHIB price action

As of this writing, the 14th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization value, SHIB, is exchanging hands at the price of $0.00002641, as per data provided by CoinMarketCap.

The canine token is showing a small rise of 3.73% over the past 24 hours. Earlier today, SHIB reached a local high of $0.00002745, but then the price curve went down sharply.

So far, the coin is down 70.14% from its historic peak of $0.00008845 reached on Oct. 28 last year.

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